Favorite Preachers and Teachers

My wife Kathleen and I are especially grateful for the preaching and teaching ministries of a number of men. Some are still active while others have passed on to their final reward. I will identify the ministries, and where possible, will provide links to audio files, websites, and/or books that I believe you will find beneficial. These resources taught us that we were not crazy for persisting in the belief that the church should be conformed to the mandates of New Testament scriptures and Christians should be conformed to Christ.

Paul Washer – HeartCry Missionary Society

Website: http://www.heartcrymissionary.com
Remarks: Paul Washer’s ministry verified our personal perception that the church in America is in very serious trouble with God. He speaks the true Gospel with boldness and dares to describe the holy nature of the true church.

Ten Indictments – A Historical 21st Century Message, by Paul Washer (youtube.com)
Click to Watch

Regeneration versus the Idolatry of Decisional “Evangelism” by Paul Washer @ the Deeper Conference 2008 (youtube.com)
Click to Listen

Evangelistic Presentation of the Gospel by Paul Washer at Spruce Grove, AB, Canada (youtube.com)
Click to Listen to Part 1
Click to Listen to Part 2
Click to Listen to Part 3

The Christian Life by Paul Washer in Alberta, Canada 2011 (youtube.com)
Click to Listen to Part 1
Click to Listen to Part 2
Click to Listen to Part 3
Click to Listen to Part 4
Click to Listen to Part 5
Click to Listen to Part 6You also might wish to review the hundreds of Paul Washer teachings that are available on the HeartCry website. List of Paul Washer Sermons in English

Leonard Ravenhill

Remarks: The late Leonard Ravenhill was one of the first men that we heard who had the courage to cry out a message of hope in the wilderness of dead and dying churches. He understood revival and what it takes for a person to be revived from the dead and for the church to reclaim her place as a holy and spotless bride of Christ. He was not afraid to confront those who were happy with minimal expectations for their lives and their churches. His sermons never depart from the razer sharpe truth of scripture, and thus, we recommend anything you find on these sites.

Sermon Index (sermonindex.net): Click for Leonard Ravenhill

Sermon Audio (sermonaudio.com): Click for Leonard Ravenhill

Don Horban

In a world of contemporary Bible teaching and preaching, Don Horban stands above the crowd. He has a wonderful ability to exhort the sheep to become living sacrifices for Christ and the Gospel. He gives honor to the Holy Spirit, and recognizes the contribution of the nine gifts of the spirit to our lives as Christians. We have yet to hear him speak anything that departs from the exact Word of God. He is a great resource for the times when you want to be fed and encouraged in your walk with Christ.

Cedarview Community Church: List of Sermons organized by Series

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

Website: http://www.mlj-usa.com
Remarks: We have been listening to the late Dr. Lloyd-Jones for many years and have read a number of his books. His teaching ministry goes deeply into true Christian doctrine and never strays from the Gospel message. This is sane Bible based preaching and teaching that provide practical clarity to complex topics. We recommend his book and lectures on the Sermon on the Mount.

Free audio copies of sermons are available for download from MLJ-US.com Click Here to View the List

Links to a sermon of the week are distributed by e-mail through the Living Grace page of oneplace.com.

Derek Prince

Remarks: The late Derek Prince has been an invaluable teacher on the gifts of the Spirit and the legal basis for understanding how Satan neutralizes and spiritually cripples many Christians. We have read many of his books and listened to lectures by the dozen. The following teaching on thanks giving, praise, and worship may just cause you to rethink the entire topic of what it means to enter into the presence of God and to worship.

Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship (Three teaching sessions are combined in one link. We recommend listening to each section on a different day or time to get the maximum benefit from the large number of scriptures that are discussed.) Click to Listen on YouTube

We also found these books to be very helpful with our sanctification.
Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose
Rules of Engagement: Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle
Shaping History Through Prayer And Fasting (Paperback)
They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons

Dumitru Duduman

Remarks: The late Dumitru Duduman was a Bible smuggler in Romania during the communist era. His service to God and his service to his brothers and sisters in Christ revealed the ever present power of God. The story of this Romanian man being saved by the Holy Spirit and his willingness to remain faithful to God even when he was tortured is a powerful testimony for all Christians. His prophetic message for America should cause any Christian to tremble at the thought of God’s absolute hatred of sin and the fact that He will eventually reach a point of final judgment on America because of our denial of His position as sovereign, righteous, and holy God.

Biographical Summary
Click to read about Dumitru Duduman

Part 1: Testimony of Dumitru Duduman
Click to Listen on youtube.com

Part 2: Message for America spoken by Dumitru Duduman
Click to Listen on youtube.com

Our favorite recording of his complete message is available on CD from Hand of Help Ministry.

Christian Films

Remarks: Excellent documentaries.

A Lamp in the Dark – A documentary film about the history of the Bible by Christian J. Pinto
Click to Watch on youtube.com

The Hidden Faith of our Founding Fathers – Documentary film about the true beliefs of the men who founded the United States by Christian J. Pinto
Click to Watch on youtube.com

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